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Hello! My name is Shijir Tsogoo.
I would love to make cool apps for you!
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driven by goals
my dreams turn into my goals, and my goals turn into my actions.

Almost 10 years ago, I started playing around with HTML for the first time. For the twelve-year old kid, It was amazing that I was controlling my computer that way. I was instantly obsessed with HTML and Javascript. Later on, I started being interested in so many areas such as webs, apps, games, databases, graphic and motion design. I loved all of them. Even though I have mostly focused on development and coding areas, I think I've become pretty decent with graphic design.

For ten years, my mighty mentor has been Google. All the way! And my loyal friend is Notepad. Big time! As long as I have a computer connected to the internet, I can make magic happen with my mighty mentor and loyal friend.

For these days, I have been playing with mostly mobile applications using PhoneGap, which I love deeply. And I am looking forward to any adventure that will challenge me in today's trendiest technologies like mobile applications, especially m-commerce.

TOP 5 Heros who inspire me:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Bruce Lee
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Steve Jobs
  • Carl Gauss
Alright, let's get down to business!
These are what I would love to do for you.
Do you need a trendy looking website with responsive layout, mobile compatibility, or eCommerce solutions? If yes, I will exucute that job with passion.
I build applications natively for iPhone, iPad and Android devices using PhoneGap. Also, if you have an existing website, I can turn that into mobile-friendly website.

the way i work:

  • .01 step
    think & research
  • .02 step
    design & develop
  • .03 step
    test & debug
  • .04 step
    deliver & launch
  • .05 step
    maintain & polish

some of my works:

so you got an interesting project?
if you want to have your project executed with passion, contact me!
days past since I have created my first web. That's almost 10 years.

my core skills: